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Discover, Connect, Network
with One App

A perfect and handy companion suited for any work environment, Gluser helps you find colleagues, make connections, set up meetings, explore teams and do more at the touch of finger. Available on desktop and mobile, Gluser helps make your work relationships work.

Connect in One Touch

Gluser makes communication with your colleagues simpler than ever. The app instantly provides important contact information of the person you wish to contact and also allows you to send messages directly from the app.

Looking to bring your group discussions online? Simply start a group chat.

Gluser allows you to create group chats with ease. Create groups for each team or each project and make group communication more effective.


Track Progress and Work Efficiently

A project management tool like no other, Gluser enables you to track work progress, check for resource availability and find out what others are working on, all in an instant.
Looking for a project update? The app provides all the information you’ll need, from tracking overall project status and every team member’s work status. Gluser’s resource availability feature also helps you simplify work allocation and maximize resource utilization.

Know Your Colleagues with Ease

Received an email from someone new? Looking to connect with a HR executive to schedule a leave?

Gluser makes it easy for you to find colleagues and start a conversation in an instant. With our advanced search feature, you can find new colleagues, explore team structure and connect with the right person.

And the best part of it all… You can do it in less than a minute. It’s that simple!


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Loaded with Awesome Features


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