Turn data-driven insight into actions

Business Intelligence ToolAggregate, analyze and propel

Eliminate wasting time in coordination through multiple calls and email and help your marketing mavens to IT pros inform team with the right         information centrally.

Features that brings your data to life

There are so many good nuggets about our Business Intelligence analytics that we thought we’d do a top 3 list on which will help any organization improve their business strategies.

Track on Metrics

Dashboards give your organization’s leaders a real-time overview of your business through graphs, charts, summaries and other such simplified data sets to provide a glance of current performance.

Collaborate & Evolve

From task planning, follow up to project closure, enable communication and collaboration on a grand scale web, video and audio conferencing, as well as chat, IM, presence, file and screen sharing

Cloud-based multi-platform support

Deploy your data on cloud, view them and interact with others in real-time through native apps on iOS, Android or even from your desktop.


Why adopt Business Intelligence tool?

To bestow with self-service, visual discovery, governance and more from a unifiedplatform

Project Dashboard

See which tasks have been done or in progress or overdue - so you know what tasks require your attention in order to keep pace with your project plan/schedule.

Eliminate Guesswork

Encourages data-driven decision-making on your resource utilization and not just guess at it.

Improved Efficiency

Enforce a virtual barrier and track your segmented workforce while they are on field through geo-fencing and confirm their presence within a specified geographic radius during work hours.

All in 1 roof

Empower yourself and your team to retrieve organisation’s status/ information with a simple login.


Empowers your Workforce

  • Meeting Minutes

    Lets you create meeting agendas, take notes on meetings and email everyone instantly in just few clicks. You can also add comments, follow-up, attach files, review history and what not?

  • Organizational Chart

    Illustrates employees name, job position and their reporting relationships are depicted. This can be a lifeline to new joiners to learn and understand where they fit into the overall corporate structure.

  • Manage Approvals systematically

    Provides traceability for each and every approval case by storing all process steps, documents and interactions in a searchable, unified database

Mobilize and analyse everyone!

Transform every role and business function with BI tool and put answers in the hands of on-the-go workers








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Startup plan

For small & Medium business

  • Messaging & Collaboration
  • Project Management
  • Travel & Approval System
  • Attendance Management
  • Geofencing Field tasks

Enterprise plan

For bigger teams

  • Messaging & Collaboration
  • Project Management
  • Travel & Approval System
  • Attendance Management
  • Geofencing Field tasks

Considering implementation of Business Intelligence system?

Though the deployment is faster and the overhead cost appears to be cheaper you would be still sceptical and do all the research right?

Well! We’ve covered the questions we’re asked most often to give you an overview of this cloud-based tool.

Business intelligence is great for digitising your operations and staff records. From sales man to C-Suite, it can be used by everyone across your organization and acts like a one stop solution to all communication and tracking needs
MYORG.ME is designed for businesses who don’t want to continue leveraging Excel and IT. It is an easy self-service administration tool for end users for which you don’t have to be a programmer. With basic instruction, any user should be able to load data, visual it, share and collaborate with their team.
Your data will be on top cloud service providers like Amazon web service(AWS), Azure or Digitalocean depending on the requirement. All the chosen platforms are world leaders in high speed servers and meets the industry’s highest security standards with great backup features.
With existing legacy systems,you may juggle between multiple files and make multiple calls to know any. But with MYORG.ME, things are made easier from planning, organising meetings, filing sharing to project closure things can be pipelined without missing out anyone from the loop.

Hear what our customers say about us

Managing approvals was really difficult when we handled by emails, spreadsheets, and other old-school methods. Emails got missed, spreadsheets were cumbersome. But through the approval Management, the workflow has become a breeze.

— Jane Doe, Awesome Company

My project team and managers were able to manage milestones and project timelines across. After installation of the application, resource allocation, reporting and other project factors which were once foggy, have become a cake walk now.

— Jane Doe, Awesome Company

We are able to create a culture of collaboration, sharing, and innovation by extending tribal knowledge across our organization. In this way, everyone in the team feel that their voices are equally heard.

— Jane Doe, Awesome Company

We got the most out of our data. The tool helped us to eliminate data redundancy which was a common challenge that we had while we were using excel spreadsheet to create reports. We now have a single and transparent window for everyone.

— Jane Doe, Awesome Company

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