This is Us

The Dream Team excited about building an ecosystem that solves common enterprise collaboration problem.

This is MyOrg

MyOrg is the complete work-lifecycle management product, that gets you to build your projects from concept to delivery, handle your team communications, set your business approval process, manage your attendance and all the essentials for businesses of any size and any industry in any region. With MyOrg we replaced the daunting 'Subscription Creep' problem in every business where they subscribe to enormous applications and spend their fortune on unused subscription services for different teams and for different problems.

What drives us?

Businesses are struggling with collaboration problems even with the evolutions of modern tech solutions. Why is this happening? We dug deep into that… We realized that even though more solutions evolving, the problems, as well, are evolving at godspeed. There is no perfect solution for all problems, but we can build one to bring much closer to perfect. That's what we did. We created MyOrg a unified collaboration and productivity product that comprises multiple tools and features to help different teams in your business tackle these evolving problems.

What we value ?


We put our customer before anything else. Our goal is to help you get succeed.


Innovation is one of our core DNA, as we said, the problems are evolving so should our solution.


We value your privacy and the need for enterprise-grade security. So we aligned our products, process and policy to reflect the same.


We always wanted to have your back whenever you need support. Thus we are available 24x7 for you.

Our dedicated team member & developers


Balaji is a serial entrepreneur with 12+ years of experience. He is the founder of Geokno India Private Limited, an IIT Kanpur spinoff.

Over the last 8 years, he has developed LiDAR market in India and established Geokno as a market leader in LiDAR business

Balaji Nagarajan



Vignesh is tech-savvy with 11 years of experience as an AWS cloud solution architect and has worked in various MNCs.

His expertise includes AI, ML, Mobile Apps, ERPs, Enterprise & cloud applications.

Vignesh Veerasekaran

CEO & Co-founder


Sivaguru is a career technologist with a passion for building things.

Passionate about driving digital transformation and growth by building winning teams.

Sivaguru Srinivas

CTO & Co-founder


Chelliah is a business enthusiast with 07+ years of experience in the tech industry, all with high-energy startups.

Previously, Chelliah was the CEO of Alpha business solution, a well-established technology service provider.

Chelliah Muthurajan

COO & Co-founder

And more intelligent people building product, attentive people supporting the customers and empathetic people bring the product to you.

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