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Track and monitor your team’s attendance. Enable your field team to mark attendance remotely.

  • 6 Tools
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Live Support

With MyOrg make significant HR initiatives

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Employee Database

Manage all employees on granular level details.

Easy Onboarding

Register new employees and manage the details for a seamless onboarding.

Attendance Management

Manage attendance marking capability with IP & location restrictions.

Field Attendance

Leverage mobile application to mark location & time tagged attendance for your field employees.

Shift Management

Create and manage employee shift, operation location effortlessly.

Attendance Processing

View attendance information in real-time and generate reports for payroll processing.

Organization Chart

Create an organization chart & share it with employees to help them realise whom to reach out when they need assistance.

Access MyOrg across all devices

Stay ahead of the busy day and plan better with MyOrg on iOS & Android.

Understand how your HR Department is functioning

  • 6 Tools
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Live Support