Own Your Day With Robust Scheduling Tool.

Schedule your meetings and works highly effective with the MyOrg calendar & make the best out of your day.

  • 6 Tools
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Live Support

Spearhead multiple roles, stakes and tasks with better schedule

Discover MyOrg Calendar

Calendar view

Organize your meetings & tasks. Know when things are in due and view it in comfortable Monthly/Weekly/Day views.

Schedule Meetings

Create an event for one-on-one meeting with your teammate or create an event for group calls and add one or more invitees.

Meeting Minutes

Assign MoM creator for a meeting, capture all the key points discussed and add the Meeting minutes on the calendar post the event.

Task Reminders

Create reminders for the tasks due date on the calendar. Plan your day accordingly to deliver the task on or before the due.

Connect Calendars

Connect and sync your other calendars with MyOrg. The unanimous schedule will ensure your were never double booked.

View your schedule across all devices

Stay ahead of the busy day and plan better with MyOrg on iOS & Android.

Make your day more productive with a smart scheduler

  • 6 Tools
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Live Support
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