All-in-one Productivity & Collaboration Tool that doesn't burn your pocket

Your all-in-one, productivity and team collaboration solution helps you manage attendance, plan a project, assign & prioritize tasks, create and maintain the schedule, communicate and share files, set business processes and approval framework in your business.

  • 6 Tools
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Live Support

What makes MyOrg a better solution for you?

You’ll no longer have to use separate apps & tools

Know what your team is working on

Get a full picture and know what to do next

Work together on the same space

Secure your business collaboration activities

Why get MyOrg for a business?

Unified collaboration and productivity tool

Understand your project anatomy and tasks better. Get contextual knowledge on projects and team's availability, handle your process bottlenecks with just one application, instead of buying and integrating multiple tools.


Don't burn your human and financial resources on multiple tools. Get MyOrg with all essential features such as unlimited User Onboarding, Project Management, Attendance, Calendar, Approval, Messaging and Calling Tools available across all your devices at the most affordable price.

Live Support

We've put ourselves in your shoes and realised a need for the learning curve & constant support when getting done with a new tool. Get quick & free 24/7 support over any channel you opt to have including the phone, email and chat.


Followed enterprise-grade security policies in MyOrg and enabled a dedicated domain for each account to ensure that only your people can access your company’s data in MyOrg.

Flexible Deployment

By default, we will implement MyOrg to your business as a cloud application hosted in our infrastructure. But we have also enabled an option for you to choose and completely implement the solution in your own network and infrastructure to meet any extreme security requirements.

MyOrg for different teams

HR Team

Bring all your employees in a single space, handle your new employee onboarding process, manage your team’s attendance and handle your team shift-timings.

Engineering Project

Create a project and mention all its tasks and subtasks. Assign it to the team and set the timeline for each task. Set & handle the project management activities at a granular level. Collect the time duration of each task for your billables and invoice.

Sales and Marketing

Set your meeting schedules, manage your day to day schedule. Identify your due dates, target numbers for each month. Collaborate with multiple teams on chat and calls. Share your files across different teams.

Field Team

Location-based attendance option for remote login or log in from onsite. Submit your bills and reimbursement requests. Get your daily tasks and submit the status regularly.

QA Team

Know project details including requirements, SLAs, deliverables and set your quality standard accordingly. Perform QA activities on each task & projects and know whom to share with for improving the works.

Access MyOrg across all devices

Get an all-in-one tool on iOS & Android.

Get unified productivity and collaboration tool

  • 6 Tools
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Live Support